How we crafted a film worthy of a Rock & Roll classic rooted in Native American Folklore.


It had been a whole 45 years since Redbone's classic Rock 'n Roll banger, "Come and Get Your Love" reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and there was not official music video to speak of. 

Something needed to be done about that.


When our friends at Sony Music approached us with the idea of taking on this project, we saw it as both a fantastic opportunity and a massive responsibility to honor and to do justice to not only the popularity of the song in general, but more importantly, to the significance of Redbone as the first Native American band to reach such heights.

From the begining we know we wanted root our story in Native American folklore, specifically lore from the many tribes of the Plains Indians. Just as important, we wanted to present a vision of Native Americans as the living, thriving communities that they are. 

The single most brilliant decision we made for this project was to bring on the talented Brent Learned as a producer and co-director. Brent was able to bring not only his knowledge of the history and lengends, but also his sensibility for the culture and personality of a people that is still very much alive. 



Like any major project, this one too ran into some difficulties, but all-in-all, it is still surprising to look back and appreciate the smoothness and ease in which we were able to build this massive project. 

Once we connected with Brent, the concept came together fairly quickly, a spiritual traveler leaving home to explore the world in search of love. The simplicity of that idea allowed us to focus more deeply on building out the world around our character.  

It is a major credit to the team at Sony Music who didn't shy away from some of the controversial topics we chose to highlight; issues like missing and murdered Indigenous Women, Indigenous Sovereignty over land and water, and the Black Lives Matter movement.


Lots of beautiful firsts in this one.

This was the first opportunity for us to work with so many great people who would become ride-or-die, lifelong collaborators and friends, including Brent Learned, Gerardo Gonzalez and his team at DuoTeam, George Curtis Levy, and Luis Mejia, among others.

As well, a special mention to the beautiful, authentic ledger art provided by George Curtis Levy for the last scene. Just amazing.



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